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What is IndyWork?

IndyWork is an application that allows direct marketing and communication between candidates and companies in an exclusive, secure environment.

If I am a new company looking to join, how do I make my jobs available to the candidates?

Simply create a company account and start posting your job openings to your dashboard. It is completely free to join.

How do I log in to the app?

You will log in by entering your email and password from your desktop or mobile device. If you forgot your password, click on the forgot password link and follow steps.

How do I edit my manager profile?

On the web: Click the arrow to the left of your name and select ‘profile’. On the app: Click on the pencil around your profile picture.

What are ‘Company Settings’?

Company Settings are your club’s profile page to market to candidates. Companies are not allowed to advertise in this section or on our app. Company Settings can include pictures, bios, Insightful links, benefits info, and more.

How do I create or edit a job posting?

Select the ‘Job Opportunities’ tab and click on ‘Create New Job Post’, or the select the existing job posting that you want to edit. Interview procedures and scheduling can be added here.

What are 'managed groups'?

Managed groups are a way for you to organize all the candidates that your club contracts with. Your management team can decide how these managed groups work. Some examples of managed groups might be if you have workers that are preapproved, your list of VIP candidates that can always rely on, etc. Once these groups are created, you can add them to the bookings schedule so that any ‘managed group’ candidate that requests that gig will automatically get added.

How do I search for candidates?

Log in or create an account and click on the ‘Find Candidates’. It will pull up candidates closest to you in your area. If you want to filter your search, then click on the filter option in the upper right-hand corner and make your selections (industry, experience, skill, etc.).

What is a pending request?

Pending Requests are from candidates that have not worked for your company before and/or are not part of your ‘Managed Groups’ list(s).