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Create an account and log in from your computer or smart device.

Set up your company profile and browse the resumes of our industry inspired professionals.

Post your job openings and hire candidates in real-time.

All scheduling is done through the IndyWork platform.

Add favorites for a library of the candidates you want to hire again.

IndyWork expertly connects you with talent on‐demand and handles the scheduling for you, so that you can find the right person to get the job done.

[icon_text box_type=”normal” box_border=”yes” icon=”fa-id-card-o” icon_type=”normal” icon_size=”fa-3x” custom_icon_size=”35″ icon_position=”left” icon_margin=”-5px 0px 0px 0px” text=”Get access to thousands of industry‐proficient candidates in real‐time. Our independent contractors are true experts in their field.”][icon_text box_type=”normal” box_border=”yes” icon=”fa-line-chart” icon_type=”normal” icon_size=”fa-3x” custom_icon_size=”35″ icon_position=”left” icon_margin=”-5px 0px 0px 0px” text=”Powerful insights are at your fingertips with our impactful data and analytics.”][icon_text box_type=”normal” box_border=”yes” icon=”fa-globe” icon_type=”normal” icon_size=”fa-3x” icon_position=”left” text=”Be future‐proof. As the world continues to make its digital transition, your company should stay ahead of the curve, and a large percentage of the U.S. workforce is moving to contracting.”]
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[counter type=”random” position=”center” digit=”$1.28 Trillion”]

U.S. freelancer contribution to American economy in 2018

[counter type=”random” position=”center” digit=”1 Billion”]

hours worked per week by U.S. independent workers in 2018

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